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Tourism Ireland Ad 2015
Tourism Ireland
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“I think every one leaves really happy and really satisfied, It’s a great week environment because it’s action packed. Coaching is great, and the people are great, and I think what makes it really special is a combination of both the staff the coaches, as well as the guest.” - Mark came to stay with us for the week of Nov 25- Dec 2. These are just a few of the waves he caught.
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Pedro runs into Yoko Littner and has a constant erection. AX12 - Part 1: AX12 - Part 2: AX 2011: Part 1:
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This is a pilot I shot of a show called "Underbelly" I developed with Astronaut's Wanted. Hope yall liiike ittttt. This was supposed to get picked up and turned into a series, but it's been chillin so I decided I'd upload it lol Special thanks to Jeff and Cory - and lil Sami, my favorite producer in the worrrld Make sure you subscribe to Alex Wassabi and Rick!
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